When people first meet us or see our set up, they say how “cute” our trailer and oven is. We don’t have a huge food truck but a trailer and 20-year-old Astro van somehow towing it where it needs to go. While I’d like to be thought of as cute; sexy, smokin’, or fabulous might be way better…but we’ll take it! After looking at the oven and fire, we get many questions like the following:

“How hot does it get in there?” 800 degrees.

“How fast can you cook a pizza in there?” about 1-2 minutes.

“Where did you get that thing?” a place in Colorado.

“How long does it take to heat up?” depends on when we used it last, but about an hour.

Once people know the deal with the oven, we start getting some more personal questions, which we don’t mind answering at all like how we got this whole thing going. Well, this all starts with family. Italian-American large, loud, food loving, wine-drinking, partying family who loves to laugh around a big table of sauce, pasta, and meatballs. We are close to each other and really like each other.



Elizabeth started making pizza and bread in her brick oven at home about ten years ago when her husband built an oven at their farm.  After countless parties and pizzas, she decided more could be done with the idea on a mobile scale.


Gail, at this time was working in San Francisco as a chef for about ten years.  After having a child, she felt the need to be closer to family so decided to move home and Bella Sorella was born.    Couldn’t be done without our mom and dad who never stop supporting us, giving us what we need, and continually teaching us how to be good siblings and spouses.

mom and dad

This business is NOT just two beautiful sisters but a whole big family.  You will always see several family members joining in (whether they want to or not) which is why our pizzas are named after family members because those are who we think of when creating food-

Because to us, food seriously is love.

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