How do we find where you are?

Easy! We post on Facebook and Instagram daily and you can check our calendar at this link for times, locations, directions and details: Calendar

How far do you travel?

Our oven is heavy! We try to keep travel to a minimum and typically go within about one hour from our kitchen in Clayton, OH, but have gone further for some events. Travel is included in your estimate, but that is slightly increased if you’re outside of a 30-mile radius from Clayton. Of course, we need to cover costs and pay our hard-working and awesome staff so the party size and/or public event has to be worth it.

If you’re not sure about your location, just ask us!

Where can you park your oven and van?

Uh, just about anywhere! We’ve parked in driveways, cul-de-sacs, back yards, (front yards), parks, and anywhere in between.   It helps to have a flat and dry area. Even if we’re in the grass, we can usually move around if it’s fairly dry. We need a space large enough for our full-size van and car-sized oven with a 10×10 space in front for our moving kitchen and tent.

Is there a minimum number of people you serve?

For private jobs, we do have a minimum price and it’s based on about 50-60 guests. You get more for your money if you have a bigger party but we’ve done parties of all sizes.

Most of our parties range from 75-150, but we can serve up to 400 using more than one oven if we have advance notice.

For public events, we will ask you lots of questions: what other food options will be offered, is there a fee, how many are you expecting etc? These are tricky and we need to serve about 100 pizzas in order to come and sell at your location.

How many types of pizzas can I choose?

This depends on the number of guests at your party, but usually you can choose anywhere from 3-5 different pizzas from our menu for your pizza buffet.

Gluten free?

Currently, we do not offer gluten free options for public events but if you have a private event, we will provide individual pizzas based on some dietary restrictions with your guests; just let us know!

What’s included in the price?

We’ve tried to make this simple and not add on a bunch of extra fees and charges. Your private event per person price will include set-up and tear down charges, paper products, and taxes.