Why is our pizza so good and so different?

Well, lots of reasons, but a big one is the fresh thing!

1 Our dough is made fresh, in house with just 4 ingredients.

2 Pizzas are stretched, topped, and cooked to order. No re-heating of old pizza here!

3 Our pizzas are inspired by the garden and our Italian family heritage in the kitchen.

4 Another reason our food tastes SO good is that the people who prepare and serve it, do it because they really do love it.


Don’t forget! Bella Sorella can round out your meal making it so easy for you to host. No cooking and serving; just enjoying your special day with friends and family. We will handle the meal including the sides, salads, and cannoli too!



Our oven cooks pizza at such a high temperature that gluten free doughs just don’t work. We are in search of a quality pre-baked gluten-free dough that we can add our toppings to; but, for now, we apologize we cannot offer a gluten-free crust.

Please note:
If there is an allergy, please be aware that our operation does use wheat flour on our work bench and in the oven.
Sorry we cannot help more with this. We understand it’s difficult to have dietary restrictions.